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17 July 2007 @ 18:23
1.  It's not cheating its creative sportsmanship or coperative learning. 

2.  Don't leave cans of soda in a freezer.

3.  Pepper in random/subliminal phrases into your speeches. "as you can see suckit we need to become..." "Did you know more cowbell that the Mongols of ancient asia..."  it makes life more interesting

4. When telling a group about yourself: elaborate. "Hi- I'm Laura,I;m a vampire, I moved to Cardiff in 2005, I like music, movies..."

5. Unless of course, your job depends on it. Then you should kiss ass.
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laurie_907 on 1st August 2007 20:21 (UTC)
for number one....what about using your resources...teachers love that!